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About the Author

Pem has been involved with car repair for over 50 years. He started working on cars when he was 14, he bought his first car when he was 15. He has worked in all aspects of car repair, from prepping new and used cars for sale to being a parts counter guy in several dealerships; as a service writer; and as a mechanic on both foreign and domestic vehicles. He started his own business as an independent Toyota repair shop owner when he was 30. Twenty years later, he sold his business to pursue his other loves: writing, of course; renovating old houses; antique furniture restoration; gardening, and walking his dog. And, as needed, seeking out automotive repair shops and writing about those experiences as well.

It took several decades and three iterations to craft what he considers to be a press-ready project, and a great deal of research in order to remain current. I believe you'll agree, and will find the text both accessible and informative.

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